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    Send Mail on a server?



      Send Mail on a server?

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      I have a server running FMSA 9 and clients runing FMA 9 and FM 9  And I built a program through scripting with finds a set and sends mail to them using the send mail program in FM.  It works great on the development machine then when I install it on the server all the steps work but no emails are sent.


      How can I get the client's default email to send out the message?


      It is all windows OS's


      Thanks, Larry

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          Seems to me like there shouldnt be an issue. Whether its hosted on a server or not, FM9's Send Mail step can only use the client's email program and thus should work as is.


          I think that perhaps something else may be the issue here. Can you post your script?

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            Here is the script;


            auto email
            Go to Layout [ “List View” (Contacts) ]
            Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Contacts::email_address: “*” AND Contacts::tag: “*” ]
            [ Restore ]
            Allow User Abort [ On ]
            Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "Are You Sure!"; Message: "Are You sure! It Will Be Sent To ALL CONTACTS in the Found Set
            If your answer is YES click Next on this box then click Continue on the left bar. If your answer is NO, I AM NOT SURE then click Next on
            this box then click Cancel on the left bar"; Buttons: “Next” ]
            Pause/Resume Script [ Indefinitely ]
            Send Mail [ Multiple Messages; To: Contacts::email_address; Subject: Contacts::email_subject; Message: Contacts::email_body ]
            [ No dialog ]
            Unsort Records
            Show All Records



            I would assume it would work also, I set Thunderbird to the default and when I run the script it looks like to works the same as the stand alone but their is nothing there?


            Thanks, Larry

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              Your script doesnt indicate anything suspicious. Just to clarify your issue here, on an unserved copy of the file, you can run a script with Send Mail, and it will open your email client correct? However, if you put a copy of that same file on another machine and use 'Open Remote' to connect to it from the SAME orig box ( where the local copy worked properly ), and run the same script it does not not open your client?


              Try creating a new script with only the Send Mail using hard coded email addresses and body... Does it pop up?


              I dont have any experience with Thunderbird and am not sure if that could be the issue.

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                I make the scrip up this weekend with my laptop using windows XP and FMA 9.  And once I put it on the server with is FMSA 9 with windows enterprise 2003 it does not work.  I could not find any setting in the server that would be an issue and on the client I confirmed the default mail client that I use all the time.


                It's a mystery?


                I tried to send a "send mail" from the same client I am trying all the time and calling out the same fields by hand - it worked - but why?  And why not a script?


                Thanks, Larry 

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                  after I did the "Send Mail" by hand I restarted the client machine and it works?  Or it seems to? But why


                  I will try another client?  


                  Thanks for you help, 



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                    Thank you for your posts.


                    For clarification, the "Send Mail" script step will run from the client machine, using the default email program.  Make sure a default email program is set up for the client machine.



                    FileMaker, Inc. 

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                      I did but maybe it needs to restart to be the default?  I don't know.


                      But thanks a lot for your help!



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                        Won't some email clients prevent external programs from emailing through them?  



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                          Thank you for your post.


                          It may be possible to prevent external programs from sending emails.  My main email program is Apple Mail (on a Mac), and I don't have a setting to not allow external programs from sending requests.  Which email program are you using?  Perhaps someone on the forum will have additional information.



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