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    Sending PDF invoice from FM Server



      Sending PDF invoice from FM Server

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      I am starting up a webshop based on a database implementation running on FM Server 13.

      When a purchase is made I want the website to trigger a script in FM to generate an invoice in PDF and send it to the customer in a mail. I am using the script step "Save Records  as PDF" with a path to the file set up like this Get ( TemporaryPath ) & Salgsordrer::Ordre ID & ".pdf". This mean, that the PDF is created on the fly and stored as a temporary file. The mail is send with SMTP.

      It all works quite well when I am testing on the desktop using FileMaker Advanced, but unfortunately "Save Records  as PDF" is not supported on FM Server, so the PDF is not created when I run the script from the website (though the mail is send all right, but with no content).

      Do anyone have any suggestions to a workaround?

      Kind regards