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    Separate scripts on file open?



      Separate scripts on file open?

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      I have a number of files on a FMP 11 Advanced Server which uses the External Server option to validate users.  Most of my users will open the databases they need and then move the windows around to their liking.  Is there a way, without too much trouble or manual configuration, to have each user's configuration saved so they don't have to do this each and every time they open Filemaker?  Thanks!

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          If you define a table where each record identified a given user by their account name, you could use the WindowNames function to get a list of all open windows in a script set to run when the file is closed. get functions, such as get ( WindowTop )  can get the position and size of each listed window. (select window can select each window in turn for this...) This could then produce a set of records for each account with one window's name and position/size info recorded.

          A start up script good then use Get ( Accountname ) to find all such record for a given user in this table and run the list to reproduce the size and position of each window open at the time they closed the file. This does not, however, reproduce the found set, sort order, or current record that was present at the time the window closed and reproducing those details might take a fair amount of programming to do...