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Server 10 won't connect to IIS

Question asked by barefootguru on Jan 28, 2009
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Server 10 won't connect to IIS

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Hi guys,


I'm an old FileMaker hand but new to Server… I'm trying to impress the boss with a trial of IWP under Server 10 Advanced for an almost sure sale but can't get it connecting to IIS.


The Deployment Assistant on the screen 'Deploy on Machines: Select Web Server' suggests IIS as the only option but returns:


Unconfiguring web server...
Return code = 0

Testing web server...
Return code = false 


If I specify //localhost, port 80, HTTP, and Retry I receive:


Retry Web Server test...
Web server test failed. Return code = -1 


FMS is installed on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2.  I've checked we're up-to-date with MS patches.


In IE I can connect to the staff site at http://localhost/ (redirects to http://localhost/default.aspx)


I've specified XML, XLST, IWP, but not PHP.


I don't think Windows Firewall is running.  If I double-click it in Control Panel I receive a long message saying ICS isn't running and would I to start it (I've been selecting No). 


I tried removing the trial, rebooting, and reinstalling, but same problem.


Help appreciated!