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    Server 10 won't connect to IIS



      Server 10 won't connect to IIS

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      Hi guys,


      I'm an old FileMaker hand but new to Server… I'm trying to impress the boss with a trial of IWP under Server 10 Advanced for an almost sure sale but can't get it connecting to IIS.


      The Deployment Assistant on the screen 'Deploy on Machines: Select Web Server' suggests IIS as the only option but returns:


      Unconfiguring web server...
      Return code = 0

      Testing web server...
      Return code = false 


      If I specify //localhost, port 80, HTTP, and Retry I receive:


      Retry Web Server test...
      Web server test failed. Return code = -1 


      FMS is installed on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition SP2.  I've checked we're up-to-date with MS patches.


      In IE I can connect to the staff site at http://localhost/ (redirects to http://localhost/default.aspx)


      I've specified XML, XLST, IWP, but not PHP.


      I don't think Windows Firewall is running.  If I double-click it in Control Panel I receive a long message saying ICS isn't running and would I to start it (I've been selecting No). 


      I tried removing the trial, rebooting, and reinstalling, but same problem.


      Help appreciated!

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          Hey barefootguru,

          Thanks for posting.


          Just to verify, is Sharepoint installed?  If so you may need to un/re-install FMS, Sharepoint, and reboot.

          Also, as a test, try setting the port to 591 and see if that helps.




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            Hi ts_turtle, thanks for replying.


            SharePoint 2 is installed, boss is understandably rather nervous about uninstalling and reinstalling it.  It's also at a datacentre so getting discs up there is difficult.


            If I use http, //localhost, and port 591 the same error occurs:


            Retry Web Server test...
            Web server test failed. Return code = -1 


            I'm a bit confused about why Server requires IIS anyway, and what's up with SharePoint (the docs don't mention it)?


            (I'm told the redirects on this server have been fiddled.)



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              Hi barefootguru,

              You're right, the Sharepoint issue is not in the Server 10 Getting Started Guide. FileMaker does document that Sharepoint should be uninstalled, though, in some Knowledge Base Articles.  It does not seem that we have this article specifically for FMS 10 created yet (at least I could not find an existing one) but the same still applies as in this Knowledge Base Article for installing FMS 9: 




              Essentially, Sharepoint uses some of the same resources that FileMaker Server Web Publishing uses which creates the conflict.  Are you planning on hosting your FileMaker databases over the web?  While it is recommended that FileMaker is installed on a dedicated machine, you really should only see an issue with Sharepoint if you're attempting to use Web Publishing.


              Server will require IIS (or Apache on Mac) if you plan to publish your FileMaker database over the web.  Essentially, FileMaker Server will use the host machine's web server to serve the files over the web.  Again, if Web Publishing is not required in your solution, you can skip this part of the installation.  Keep in mind, though, that if you decide to use Web Publishing at a later time, Sharepoint will need to be uninstalled along with IIS being un/re-installed(recommended).


              Hope this helps.  I'd suggest trying to install FMS 10 on a test environment if possible unless you only have a production server?



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                OK, thanks for the reply even if it's not the answer I wanted to hear 


                (I'm getting permission denied when trying to read that article.) 


                I'll set up a virtual server and try again.


                Thanks for your time, appreciated. 

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                  Hey barefootguru,

                  In case you wanted to check the article (I apologize for the error.  On my end, I have copied and pasted and am able to bring up the article) you can do the following:

                  1.  Go to the Knowledge Base on our website (Support > Knowledge Base) or go to this URL: 


                  2.  In the search terms field, enter 6948

                  3.  Click the search button and click on the article link titled "FileMaker Server 9 Single Machine Installation"


                  In the Notes section, there is a point that says Sharepoint should be removed. 




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                    Something tells me that's an internal article…



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                      Sorry, your hunch is correct; it's in the process of being updated to FileMaker 10. 


                      Sorry for the confusion barefootguru .


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                        Not sure if this will help but I just spent 20 minutes fighting with the exact same error and it ended up being user error.  In the Host field I had http://localhost.  When I removed the http and just had localhost it worked with out issues.



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                          I had the same problem, installing on a Windows 2003 SBS. What fixed it for me was in the IIS Manager, in the Web folder, the "Default Web Site" was set to stopped. I have 2 websites running on the server. Both are using port 80, but when I right clicked the "Default Web Site" and click Start, I would get a error message saying that it had a conflict with another website using port 80.


                          I right clicked each website and went to Properties, in the "Web Site" tab in Properties, click the "Advanced" button next to the IP Address field. I had one web site with an IP address "Default" set to port 80 and a blank "Host header value". This site was causingthe conflict. I just removed that IP address. I then was able to "Start" the Default Web Site, and when I set the host name in FileMaker to "localhost" with a port of 80, it went through just fine.


                          I just thought this might help because the tech from FileMaker was no help and had no clue what to check in IIS, the guys at rackSpace helped walk me through this.