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Server 11 Admin Console Won't Launch, XP Issue?

Question asked by JCrawford on Jan 4, 2012
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Server 11 Admin Console Won't Launch, XP Issue?

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I've read most of the threads about Server 9 and Java Version 6 Update 24, as well as this link with recommendations for Server 10 and Server 11. Helpful, but did not solve the problem. 

Server 11 was updated from Server 9 to Server 11 this past fall. The database administrator is operating XP and had very old Java settings (Version 6.01). She was not informed of a new Admin Console pathway at the time of the Server update, and was not given a new shortcut, or informed of a change in the password. She could not launch the Admin Console. Admin Console previously launched on the same computer when operating Server 9.

To correct these matters

1. She obtained the correct password (however we have not seen the user/pw screen yet)
2. Java was updated to Version 6.30
3. Server 11 is fully updated.
4. She received a new file path and shortcut icon to the Admin Console.
5. We cleared her Java cache of temporary and internet files.
6. We tried logging on the server using http://hostname:1600 where host name is the server url

When trying to launch we get "Unable to Launch" error message with details that read "Could not load argument exception [Could not load file/URL specified" followed by a file pathway. When that pathway is selected it produces the screen shot below, titled JAVA Web Start 1.6.0_30 describing run options, control option, and import options.

I wonder if the old XP software might be an additional incompatibility.

We have not tried to reinstall the Server software.

I don't normally work with servers and have no formal training in FM server or servers in general. I design databases - but my client can't connect.  I am at loss of what more to recommend.

Many thanks for leading me to the proper discussions.