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    Server 11 needed?



      Server 11 needed?

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      If our office upgrades its Filemaker Pro clients to version 11, do we also need to upgrade our Filmaker Server to 11 (from the current version 9)? 

      Will there be accessibility issues between Filemaker Server 9 and the new Filemaer 11 clients?

      Any input appreciated. Thanks.

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          You might want to read this thread:  Server upgrade problem

          Since all versions of filemaker from filemaker 7 to 11 use the same data format in their files. Server 9 will be able to host the files. There may be some new features of filemaker 10 & 11 that aren't available to you if they depend on server side processing. You can down load a trial version of filemaker 11 and use it as your client on this network to test things out.