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Server 12 and Bonjour errors

Question asked by PeterMartin on Aug 17, 2012


Server 12 and Bonjour errors

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Upgraded from V10 to V12, running on win server 2008 R2 standard. Many bonjour errors and difficulty of remote users connecting to local favourites hosted database.

The error message is:

WSARecvMsg failed (10022) Event ID 100.

Bonjour V I have turned it off and re-installed, completely uninstalled Bonjour, FM Server and Pro V12, deleted all firewall incoming rules for all these programs and then re-installed all. Problem still there.

Typical issues -

1 - When remote user attempts to connect to remote database, they see 2 hosts, one of which is without an address and then the correct one, or

2 - Only the host with out an address, or

3 - Just the one with correct address

The 3 options appear randomly.

The Bonjour error is triggered each time a user attempts to open pro and the hosted database.