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    Server 13, FM ProAdv 12



      Server 13, FM ProAdv 12

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      Hi all,

      I have just installed FM Server 13 on a machine and I want to share a file on it.  I'm using FM Pro Adv 12 on client machines. When I manually drag the file into the relevant folder in the system, it asks me to authenticate (Am using a Mac running Mavericks) which I do and all seems good.

      When I look at the server console, it says the file has uploaded but status is 'Closed' and I can't change that. Any ideas please?



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          You need to set the permissions on database files if you manually move them to the databases folder on a mac server.

          1. Right click the file (or files) and choose Get Info.

          2. Expand the Sharing & Permissions section.

          3. Hit the + button and add the FM Server User.

          4. Change the Read Only permission to Read & Write

          Now FM server will have the required permissions to open the files

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            Thanks Evan.. worked like a dream. I had (wrongly) assumed that by setting permission for 'Everyone' to R + W it would work... nope!  Added FM Server... bingo!