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Server 14.0v2 Updater Fails to Run

Question asked by CraftICT on Jun 13, 2015
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Server 14.0v2 Updater Fails to Run

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We're running Windows Server 2012 R2 in a 2-server deployment. We've followed the installation instructions and attempted to run the update on the Worker server as per the instructions:

'Note: For a two-machine deployment, stop all FileMaker Server services on both machines. Then run the updater on the worker machine first, followed by the master machine..'

However, we're getting the error 'A valid copy of FileMaker Server 14v1 could not be found' as per the attached screen image.

Interesting as the update is 14.0v2 for 14.0v1, I suspect we won't see a copy of 14v1 for some time!

We've abandoned the update as our 14.0v1 servers don't have the license error and are running fine with their SSL certificates. However, we would like to keep up to date if possible.

We are running a site license, in case this is relevant.