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Server 8 won't Run on Mac 10.5.8

Question asked by JimMac on Aug 8, 2012
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Server 8 won't Run on Mac 10.5.8

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After 6 years of excellent performance, our server computer had problems.Cry

I installed Server 8 on another computer running MacOS 10.5.8.


The Server doesn't seem to start on Mac cold start or restart.  Using Server 8 Admin to connect to Local Host, I get the message "server not found".

1) Firewall is off

2) Folder "Launch Daemon" has no fmpserver in it.

3) No other Client can wake up our Local LAN address that the new Server 8 computer has, both Airport and Ethernet addresses.

4) Reinstalled S8 on another MacOS 10.5.8 computr with same results.

Help Please!!