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Server Admin - White, Yellow, Red - you're out!

Question asked by CraftICT on Jun 14, 2015


Server Admin - White, Yellow, Red - you're out!

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Having now upgraded all of our Windows 2012 R2 servers to FileMaker Server 14.0v2, we've continuously had our workflow interrupted by disconnections within the server admin console, indicated by initially by the white, then yellow, then red square in the top right corner. Initially we thought this to be Windows browsers only, using both Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome 43.0.2357.124, We've Java Version 8 Update 45 (build 1.8.0_45-b15). However, logging in remotely using Chrome on a Mac results in the the same problem. <!--EndFragment-->

We've a lot of databases hosted, as well as admin groups and setting up (a lot of) schedules is proving to be very, very difficult as we're constantly logged out. The problem is, if you close browser (you cannot log out of the admin console) and open again, then you're told the feature you're attempting to complete is locked by another session. We can't keep restarting FMServer as we've clients logged in, we just have to wait the session out and start again.

Although not knowing anything about Javascript, we have used the Javascript debugger within Chrome while the red icon is displaying (which it does indefinitely until the browser is closed). As you don't allow zip files or multiple files to be uploaded I've consolidated screen shots of these in the attached single PNG file.

As far as we can ascertain it looks as if vaadinPush.js is loaded and there is a loop going lines 5027 through to line 5030 within the script.

We've taken the precaution of stopping all Sophos Anti-Virus services, as this will prevent the server admin deployment, all of our SSL Certificates are deployed and working successfully in this 2-server deployment.

The admin console works fine for a while, but once this apparent timeout starts, there is no way back other than closing it, waiting and then revisit the task.