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    Server Admin Console Works On MACs, Not on PCs



      Server Admin Console Works On MACs, Not on PCs

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      HI - I have recently installed FMS 9 on an new iMAC...everything seems to work fine, including all aspects of the Admin Console. 


      On my G5 running 10.4.11, I can remotely open the console and again all aspects seem to work well.  However, when I go to either one of my PCs both running Windows XP, I run into trouble.  I successfully get the welcome screen correctly identify my server and can login into the Admin Console and see the statistics accurately displayed.  But when I actually click one of the Administration items, I get the message "Unable to connect to the Server - Unknown Error."


      I had read posts about opening ports and Java conflicts, both of which I think I have checked.  I have turned off firewalls and security settings - I am a bit skeptical to go down a path too far as it seems strange that I can access the Console at all if I should have one of these problems or settings incorrect.


      Any help, guidance or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks