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    Server Advanced 11 vs 12 speed



      Server Advanced 11 vs 12 speed

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           I just updated our system from server advanced 11 to server advanced 12.  What a dog!  There is nothing in 12 that is faster and almost anything I try is significantly slower.....  This is everything from designing layouts and database associations to running scripts!

           What happened?  Sorting, searching, duplicating fields in a layout and even printing is measurably slower!

           I hope speed improvements are coming soon! We have used FM server since version 5 and this is the worst release ever!

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               Yep, 12 is the worst release of every software I ever used in my entire life. Luckilly, I stayed under 11 for production.

               The constant lack of performance care from FMI is killing the platform 


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                 It's true, FM12 was a lemon. Everything is slower, and the database files balloon when converted from earlier versions. The difference in searches and exports from within the machine, to local network, to server on the internet is laughable. A search and simple export that takes a few seconds in a computer running client takes one hour (ONE HOUR) when done remotely with server on the internet.

                 I'd like to think it's just a bad (worst ever) release and that we'll move forward. But I am afraid of the possibility that FM has ran its lifespan and the platform (and my business) is dying...