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    Server Communication Error



      Server Communication Error

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      Hi, this is my first time at the forum. I'm a sysadmin at a museum, we have been using filemaker pro 9 (on a win 2003 std.) and clients (xp pro) for a few months, we are experiencing a problem: the main database (around 2GB) is no longer located at the clients files list (when opening the remote host). When I log in into the server and then to the admin console I get the following: An error was encountered communicating with the server. I've tried to replace the database file with the one from the backup but that didn't helped. I'll appreciate any help soon since I have some people here not been able to work...

      Please post or contact me at amiel@it-services.co.il


      Thank you very much. 


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          What version of java is installed on the server?

          Have you tried rebooting the server?

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            Yes, I've restarted the server a couple times...

            I have the latest version (6 update 20)

            Some more info not mentioned in my prior post:


            The web server in the FM software it's not configured

            The server and workstations are not connected to the internet


            And some more info from my today's troubleshooting:


            The windows server log says that the database could not be opened...use the recover command in FileMaker Pro 9

            If I open the admin console, it opens, says Admin Server Connection Error: An unknown error has occurred and then closes the Admin Console.

            While opening the database from a client it says that it was improperly closed and it's checking for consistency. After a very long time the windows appeared with the following message: > "BLMJ Database.fp7" is damaged and cannot be opened. Use the Recover command to recover this file <



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              I believe FMS9 wants Java 6 update 7

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                Hi Mickey, the Java version was ok, I mean it was version (and working fine) until last Thursday, I just updated the Java environment that day in order to see if there are any changes, but that did not help, so I've returned to the older version. Still no luck.

                I've tried opening a backup database file and again got the message that needs to be recovered. I'm doing that right now, so I will update you as soon as it finishes.


                Best Regards,