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    Server console won't start!



      Server console won't start!

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      Hello experts!


      I have a problem and hoping for some help.


      We have FM Server 9 supposed to be running on Windows 2008. Clean installation and everything should be straight forward.


      It's not!


      First installation failed and I found a note about the Java version, removed the latest and installed Version 6 Update 23 which should be OK.


      Removed FM Server 9 and re-installed - but now way it will start.


      Any sudden ideas from the experts?


      I can explain more detailed if needed.


      Arthur from Norway!

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           I'm adding some more information.


          While installing, on the end I get a message that "openssl.exe" has crashed.


          When I try to start the Admin console it says:

          The Database Server is not available. 

          Then it says:


          admin_console_init_webstart.jnlp might have been moved or deleted

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            Go to WIndows Services and check to see if the FileMaker service is running. If not, try to start it manually. This won't explain everything, but what you find and any error messages you see when attempthing to start the service may provide some useful clues.

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              Hi, thanks for your answer.


              Yes, the service is running - everything seems just fine!


              I think it´s a Java issue, but I´m not sure.

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                Solved - What a nightmare!


                Hello again, I just want to update this "issue" in case other users get the same horrible problem and ends up here.


                On Windows 2008 we gave up, tried to "downgrade" to Java 6.23 which was the last one working.


                Then we decided to go with the same setup as the server who died, Windows 2003.


                It looked a lot better but still now success, but new error and "google" found the answer.


                In short: Using FM Server 9 will only work with an really old version of Java, 6.7 works fine.


                Thanks Filemaker, you destroyed my Saturday - stop using Java... Cry