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Server crashes on virtual machines when calling gettimeofday

Question asked by user9753 on Feb 27, 2012
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Server crashes on virtual machines when calling gettimeofday

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We have two scenarios where clients are running their copy of FileMaker Server in an OS X virtual machine environment.  In every case, periodically FileMaker Server will crash with the crashreporter log showing the Java function "gettimeofday" being called on the crashed thread.

Googling Parallels and "gettimeofday" yields some interesting results where the VM environment is causing Java processes to crash when calling that function.

An interesting fix in this parallels support entry for a particular Virtuozzo build states:


gettimeofday() might work incorrectly on systems that use the PM timer. This may
affect your system in different ways, for example:
- In some applications, time may go backward, causing segmentation faults.
- "top" might show very high load average values.
- JAVA processes may hang.

To work around this problems, set the "vdso=0" kernel option.

I have no idea how to modify kernel options, nor if it is even possible with Parallels Server, but the problem also occurs on a copy of VM Fusion, OS X environment with FM Server running.


Interestingly... it does NOT crash on another client's VM running Windows.