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Server creating HUGE Temp files

Question asked by timacadia on Oct 13, 2014
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Server creating HUGE Temp files

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We have Filemaker Server 13 running on a Windows 8.1 Virtual machine. (it's the only way we could do it )

It's worked perfectly since May when it was installed until recently.   when we got an error the database was shut down because a Temporary Database file was corrupt.

I traced this error to the Machine being out of HDD space.    This seemed odd as the database file was only 2.8GB.  Traced a filemaker temp in the windows/temp that was 10GB in size.  We upped the Drive size on the virtual machine by 10GB and restarted the server.   it created a new Temp file we removed the old one.  No data was lost so we thought nothing of it.

Then today same thing again..  Database file was now 3.2GB but the Temp file as hitting 20GB.   Gave the HDD another 10GB of space and restarted and removed the old temp file.   Within minutes we got the same error, I looked again and the temp file is now 30GB in size.

Why is a 3GB database generating a 30GB temp file?