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    Server functionality question



      Server functionality question

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      I am considering the server edition after I read about integrating it with PHP.  If I were to use it to publish my db to the web, say of a image catalog, can each record be password protected?  If subject A has two images and Subject B has 3 images, I have would want them so that clicking on subject A prompts for a password to view the actual record/images, and the same with B but with a different password.



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             Read up on accounts and privileges. You can allow users to "relogin" with another account to access further functionality.
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               Thanks, I'm not sure I phrased the question correctly.  I was looking more at 'viewers' of online databases, not so much users who can browse through multiple records.  If I wanted to assign a random password to each of 1000 records so that using that password would allow access to that individual record via the web, is this possible with the server/fm mix or maybe straight publishing via fm10?
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                 You want a different password for each record?
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                   Well, yeah pretty much.  Is that asking the impossible with an out-of-box solution?  Isn't FM server basically an http server?  I'm familiar with php and apache and using those to protect pages (along with mysql), but I thought FM might have a way to create those with less coding.
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                  No FMS is not an HTTP server. FMS has a few different components to it including the database serving engine and the web publishing engine.

                  I dont really see the benefit of having a password on each record rather than user but regardless, I wouldnt except FileMaker Server to handle that. You could though use PHP to handle it and compare it to data stored within a server FileMaker file on FMS.


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                    Regarding coding: There is a PHP site assistant that comes with FMS, but if it comes to the functionality you would like to have, there is no way around manually coding.


                    Of course you can lock a record down to an individual user within the database using custom privileges with a privilege set. However, account management must then be clearly thought out in connection with web publishing.


                    Just wondering: Do you want to make web shop for selling your pictures? If so, don't reinvent the wheel. There are many professional stock photograph agencies that have excellent reach (to advertising, publishing and other media agencies) and already have and operate web-based software for this purpose.  


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                         I have an image catalog of students+image, which I would like to publish to the web/server for proofing.  I can't have any singular person have access to all records, so I would like to password protect each record/student so that who ever has that pass would allow them to view only that image/record.  Possible/impossible?
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                        Thank you for your posts.


                        What you are asking is possible, but you'll have to decide on the practicality of it.  The only solution I can envision for 1000 students is 1000 accounts with each account having a different (and custom) access privilege.  For one account, you can give them the access privilege to edit one student/record (or view all records but don't show certain information).  If the person wanted to edit another record, you would need a Re-Login script step that prompts for user name and password to access another account that only has the right access privileges for that particular record.  If you continue to add more students, you will need to create more accounts.


                        This is a time-consuming task that will take many days to implement.


                        Let me know if you need clarification for any of the above steps.  I feel there has to be a better way, so I'd also like to hear from others if they have a better solution.



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