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server hosting

Question asked by pv on Mar 10, 2011
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server hosting

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Using fm 11 adv on windows (xp, vista, 7) network with 8 computers.

My need

running a swim/tennis club & day camp, need to keep track of 400 + members & 300 camp kids, plus this year using IWP to let members register online (about 1 in 18 have some problem with connecting, though most work if they try later or on another computer). Also would like to create a POS system for the pool concession stand, (100-200 items for sale, 50-500 sales/day for the 100 days of summer).

My current Fm setup

My fm file consists of a data file (about 2000kb) and will grow to about 7000kb if I cant figure a way to store photos as a reference after using 360 works Move or rename file to move/rename file to photos directory) and my application file is about 6000kb. I am using a windows xp desktop computer to host fm. Noone else uses that computer for anything. I am on Fios 35/35

I have been fighting going the server way beacuse of the $5000 investment (server $1,500, windows 8 server software $800, fm server adv $3,000).

I came across & it looks interesting., more reliable than a server I would have sitting in the next room, faster & cheaper.??

Any thoughts on which route to take, and if my own server, from Hp, Dell, other?, a web server, data server, combo? when is fm 12 coming out? I would hate to buy it 2 months before a new version comes out.

Thanks for any input