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      Server Installation

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      I've been using FM for years and know my way around it pretty well. I now have a need to install Server, and get it to work. I've installed Server 9.0.3 on a MacPro running 10.5.5, after following the directions. However, when I try to launch the Admin Console, nothing happens. Safari launches, I get a page stating that the console is starting, but nothing beyond that. If I click the "Click here if the Admin Console did not launch automatically.", it downloads admin_console_init_webstart.jnlp, which I double click, only to have that do nothing as well. I can get into http://localhost/manual, and also see that httpd is running. I’m sure that I’ve overlooked something, and would appreciate any guidance or feedback that anyone is willing to give.



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          Did you apply the updater/patch?

          See the Downloads site: http://www.filemaker.com/support/downloads/ 

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               No, I haven't installed that patch. I just tried to, but wasn't successful because the FM Server is running. How can I stop the Server, so that I can do the installation, if I can't get into the Console?
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              Try the OS X Server terminal commands for FileMaker Server 9:


              sudo launchctl stop com.filemaker.fms // stops the FileMaker Server daemon

              fmsadmin STOP  // stops the database server


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                   Unfortunately, after stopping the Server deamon (database isn't running), updating and trying it again, I get the same thing. The console says it's starting, but nothing happens. It stays at the same window.
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                  Hi JSP,

                  What version of Java are you running?  If Java 6, try going to Utilities > Java > Java Preferences and setting Java 6 as the preference.  Also, click on the Security tab > View Cache Files and remove the Admin Console.  Next, go to Terminal and enter the following commands:

                  fmsadmin close (this will close all of your databases)

                  fmsadmin stop server

                  fmsadmin start server 


                  If this fails, try entering the following command:

                  sudo apachectl -t


                  Do you get any host name error messages? 



                  FileMaker, Inc. 

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                    I confirm this bug.  I and my colleagues have also experienced this issue, where the Admin console does not appear after being summoned from the FMSA 'localhost:16000' start page after a fresh install of FMSA 9v3.325 (Windows).

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                         I downgraded java to 1.5 and tomcat seemed to be happier running. It might have been as simple as setting a correct PATH environment variable to use 1.6 but I haven't experimented with it again.