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    Server license conflict



      Server license conflict

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      I have a new copy of Filemaker Server 11 and only a few of my client computers are able to connect.  At first I noted that all wired computers were able to log on and the wireless computers were not.  I uninstalled Server and then reinstalled it.  At that point 7 of the 9 computers were able to log in.  The 2 left are wireless but at least 3 other laptop (wireless) computers have no problems.  The message that I am getting is "The maximum # of licensed users are currently using this copy of Filemaker Pro.  Please refer to the license key section of your software documentation......  It tells me that the conflict occurred with user "Server.local".  The two computers that are getting this warning message have no problem connecting to the hosted database when they are being hosted by Filemaker Pro (Not Server).  Both of these computers have copies of Filemaker Pro 10 that were bought new just prior to release of Filemaker 11.  I am happy to furnish the serial numbers if needed.  I have restarted the server several times and have trashed the preferences for Filemaker on the client versions but did not help.  The first thing that I would consider is that someone else might have those same Serial #'s but remember that I was at first having this problem with 6 laptops and after reinstalling the Filemaker Server again I am down to 2.  What do you suggest?

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          Steven Birnbach:

          Thank you for posting.

          The first thing to check is whether a genuine license key conflict is  occurring. If you click "Info" under "About FileMaker Pro" from the  menu, it should display the license key currently in use. Verify that  each machine is using a different license key or a single volume license  key.

          Next, does this issue only occur on a single database or does it happen  regardless of the database you connect to?

          Lastly, the issue could be related to the client machines themselves. To  test whether it is a preferences or configuration issue, try creating a  new user on each machine.

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            Thank you for your prompt response.  I have checked all the license numbers and they are all different.  I tried a new user account and same problem.  I reinstalled the Filemaker Application on the client computer and no luck.  I have reloaded the server application numerous times and has not helped.  It has nothing to do with my databases.  Most recently, all I have loaded are the sample databases that come with Filemaker Server. When I paid yesterday for tech support, they advised downloading a trial version of Filemaker 11 which I assume would help as I assume it would have a different license key.  However, the versions of Filemaker that are being used on the plagued laptop computers are Filemaker 10 that are only 6 months or less old and an upgrade isn't exactly fair.  The problem is only happening on the computers that are wireless.  All wired computers have no problem and 2 wireless computers have no problem.  All are being logged in from a local site.  Now what???