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    Server machine going "deaf".



      Server machine going "deaf".

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      I have FMS hosted on a Mac Mini. Twice in the last two weeks the machine has gone deaf. Unfortunately I was out of town on both occasions and had no direct access to the machine. Both times when I returned to the site the machine was completely beyond any communication. Not even Bluetooth. The only solution was to do a hard manual restart. I know this is a very bad idea for files hosted by FMS. However there simply was no alternative. Has anyone had this problem? I'm beginning to think this is simply the wrong machine to be using. 

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          Markus Schneider

          I got 5 Mini's here - all FileMaker Servers, different generations (OSX and FMS). They run! I've had problems with the first couple of FMS13 versions (admin access) - but they run 7/24. The oldest is a G4 running FMS10..

          I have also a Mini as desktop - for all day use. This machine used to crash often. I realized, that it never crashed when I was working and tried to figure that out... It was the screensaver! I had that to display landscape photographs of my own. Some of those photographs must be too big, corrupt, whatever. I disabeled the screensaver - about a year ago. No more problems..

          I would search outside FMS (ok, could happen in combination, network, power, whatever). As long as the mini's are not overloaded, they are phantastic IMHO