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Server Performance Enhancement

Question asked by DennisNolan on Nov 30, 2010
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Server Performance Enhancement

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I need a little feedback regarding performance of our FMP server. We're running FMP 11 trial version on a new Mac Mini server with 8GB of ram memory. This server handles DNS, OD and basic file sharing. The two internal mirrored drives host the database composed of 84 database files. The database was originally created in FMP5 and ran on a Windows 2003 server box without any problems. We have 5 users accessing the server. 

Currently when users access the initial database file, everyone's  cursor changes to the spinning beach ball for about 35 secs. Usually that's the longest delay. Has anyone experience these types of delays when working with this many database files. I'm sure some of the timeouts occur because of all the linked files associated with the first file.

Would running this on a dedicated Mac Mini improve this performance or is the number of database files the bottleneck here? Would a SSD drive improve this situatiion?

Does FMP 11 server have that much additional overhead that a modern processor with twice the ram of the original Windows server running FMP 5 can't deliver the same user performance?

Thanks to all who respond.