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Server schedule job throws 401 error

Question asked by arunans on Mar 4, 2014
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Server schedule job throws 401 error

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     We have a schedule job thats failing with 401 error. when the same script runs in client side it works perfectly. the script is like this

     error capture[on]

     perform find[restore]


     exit script[]


     sort records

     export records[]

     end if


     my findings were: we have given two criteria in the perform find: which has an AND condition. when i do not give the AND condition the script works well . whenever the AND condition is given the if(get{count)) returns only 0. But when i run it from client side the script runs very perfectly. i tried giving find and constraint find also. Still this particular script is throwing an error.I am unable to find out the root cause for this and fix it since when i run it from client side the perform find is happening perfectly. Only when i am running from server side this issue comes. please help me out with the same.

     Additionally there are no security issues related with this. i have thoroughly checked the same.