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      I'm trying to create a schedule to run a script in Server 10, but its not finding any of the scripts in any of the hosted files.  Any suggestions?

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          If you would list each step you are taking to schedule a script so we can tell where exactly this doesn't work for you?

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            In Schedules (Server 10) 

            1. Create schedule

            2. Run Script

            3. Filemaker script

            4. Selected the database i want to run the scipt from and put in the login and password


            That's when I get an error "no scripts available for the specified account".



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              Open the file that contains the script you want to schedule and check the privileges for that account. The error message you report indicates that the privileges for the account you selected do not permit performing scripts.


              Try a full access password and you should be able to select a script.


              Note that just because you can schedule a script doesn't guarantee that it will run correctly. Many scripts that will run correctly from a client (regular filemaker pro) will not run correctly when run as a server scheduled script. If you haven't already done so, open your script in the script editor and use the compatibility menu in the lower left corner to check to see if each step in your script is compatible.


              Also, be advised that scripts using Import or export records will probably not work for you even when the script editor tells you that they are compatible.

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                   I am using a full access account.  I can't think of any other reason why the scripts would not show up (I am aware that some might not work and I will have to check compatibility).
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                     Could it be something to do with extended privileges?  Can you access the database from an FMP client using the full access account?
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                    I'm having the same issue following the same steps as above.


                    I've checked through the scripts for server compatibility, and tried testing on a single step script compatible script.  I've checked using different privilege sets as well.

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                      The only things I can think to check:


                      Confirm that the account name and password you enter just before you select the script, is a full access script.

                      Create a new file with one simple script and see if you can access its script list from the scheduler.


                      If so, perhaps the file contains some hidden damage. Recover a copy of the file and test to see if the recovered copy allows you to access the scripts.


                      If so, replace the file with an undamaged back up file and try again.

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                        I'm getting the same error message with FM Server 11. I did all of the following: - Used the Server Admin Console to verify the file - it shows that the file is fine - Opened the file in FMA 10 and checked the privileges for the account - the account has Full Access privileges - Created a new Full Access account in the same file - still had the problem I have yet to recover the file, so I don't know what that will reveal. Anybody come up with any additional information or solutions to this problem? Thanks, -- Michael Frankel Wizard Consulting Group Office: (818) 706-8877 Skype-In: (818) 483-4686 Skype: michaelfrankel Website: www.wizardconsultinggroup.com