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Server Script Error 100

Question asked by hickam on Oct 31, 2009
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Server Script Error 100

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I am trying to use Filemaker Server 10 to import records from one file to another. According to the Server compatibility in the script maker importing (no dialog) is compatible. However, it doesn't work. I have checked and double checked log ins, I have tried numerous ways of copying the information across and have reduced the errors presented in the Event log viewer to a single error; 100. (File is missing) It appears that a server script will not see another file but only the one the script is in. It will not even see the second file when a sub script is run that opens the file (no I am not using the open file script step (which is incompatible) but a script that simply "shows all" in the second file.) I can find no documentation on this issue in the knowledge base, pdf files, etc. I would think that filemaker would design such a feature because to me it would be a common maintenance script ran from the server so I wonder if I am missing something.