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Server Side Imports don't use correct date format

Question asked by CarlHenshall on Dec 10, 2009


Server Side Imports don't use correct date format

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I am trying to set up a server side script that exports some data from one file and imports into another but I seem to have hit a bug.  Everything works fine except for the fact that dates & timestamps are being interpreted as MM/DD/YYYY rather than the UK format (which the database & server are using) of DD/MM/YYYY.  The export uses the DD/MM/YYYY format but the import is then switching the day & month around.  A field that has 1/12/2009 (1st December 2009) is exported as 1/12/2009 but the imported record has 12/1/2009 (12th January 2009).  Timestamps have the same issue plus, if the original date has a day higher than 12, eg. 15/11/2009, the imported timestamp shows correctly on screen but a calc of GetAsDate (myTimestamp) has a result of ?


Running the same script using a copy of FileMaker Pro on the server imports the date correctly - only running as a server script has the bug.  I have tried importing tab, csv & xml files but all have the same issue.


I have tried this on two servers with the same result.  Both servers are running FMS on Windows Server 2003.


Has anyone using a date format other than MM/DD/YYYY been able to get server side imports to import dates and/or timestamps correctly?


Many thanks