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    Server Side Print Script?



      Server Side Print Script?

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      I'm working on a script that triggers when a field is updated on an iPad running filemaker go. I'd like a label to automatically print out once the field is updated, with no print dialog box. I've found that even if "perform without dialog" is selected, filemaker go still pulls up the dialog box. My next thought was to make the printing part a server side script, but I know that the print script steps aren't compatible with the server. Is there a work around that anyone could suggest? I'm also somewhat new to server side scripting.


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          Are you sure that GO puts up the dialog? I think on the OSI puts up the dialog for AirPrint. Could that it? 
          If you want to print form the server side you will need either to 1) set up a robot printer ( This is an machine running with FM which checks a print queue table at your solution and spools the print jobs) 
          Alternatively 2) You can use php and fpdf to created at pdf file which which you can be put in the standard print queue (With a finder script, applescript or shell script. )
          Yep, not pretty.