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server side schedule - waiting for calculations

Question asked by greaterthandata on Aug 27, 2014
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server side schedule - waiting for calculations

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     I have a script that 

     1) loads a layout and on that layout there are a series of calculations that take a few minutes to calc.

     2) it them exports that data to a CSV

     The script runs fine on a workstation (filemaker Pro 12), but when running on the server (server 12) it doesn't complete.  It actually does run the scripts successfully, but no data is exported.  

     After much troubleshooting, I think the problem is that the server is not waiting for the calculations to load before it goes on to the next step.  as an example, on the workstation the process takes about 20 minutes to complete, yet on the server the script is over in about 15 seconds.

     Is there a way to force the server to wait for the calculations to complete before continuing with the next script step?