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Server Side Scripted Import/Export

Question asked by rwalsh on Sep 13, 2010
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Server Side Scripted Import/Export

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I have two scripts. that have worked fine until last week. I am not sure what happened.

They were both created with the guidlines from filemaker.

Script 1

  • Set Variable [ $varpath; Value:"filewin:" & Get(DocumentsPath) & "order-data.csv" ]
  • Import Records [ No Dialog; “$varpath”; Update Matching; “Windows ANSI”;]

Script yields error 100. File is missing. But the file does exist, I have checked multiple times. 

Script 2

  • Set Variable [ $varpath; Value:"filewin:" & Get(DocumentsPath) & "NeedSpecs.xls" ]
  • Export Records [ No Dialog; "$varpath"; “Windows ANSI”;]

Script yields error 800. Unable to create file on disk. Which I would assume is a permissions error, but its a local disk on the actual server in the DocumentsPath. How can this not have persmission to access?

I have no idea why this has just stopped working, we have not performed any updates to the box since the scripts were written. The last time we updated was when v10.0.2.206 came out.