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Server side UPDATE script

Question asked by CRM114 on Jul 2, 2013


Server side UPDATE script

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     I have a text file that I'd like to UPDATE/ADD to an existing Filemaker database on a daily basis.  I have the file in the proper location and defined a $filePath variable in my script. 


     The issue comes with the import mapping.  The left pane is blank because it cannot pull any headers or data into it because the import file is on the server.  That's OK, I set the order according to the order of the fields in the file.  I then schedule the script and see what happens.


     The problem is that the script only ADDS records, it will not update them based on a matching field key.  No matter what I do, Filemaker seems to ignore the double-arrow indicating that the import should match on that field.  


     I tried running the script locally (took out the $filePath and entered local path) and it runs perfectly.  


     What am I doing wrong?