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    Server Subfolder Password



      Server Subfolder Password

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           I am working on the Server Admin Console. Two departments share the server and they don't want the other department to see their file names. Two subfolders are created, and each subfolder has each departments' files.  I now want to put a password on each subfolder to restrict who can open the folder. I'm sure it is simple, I've read about this before but don't recall the steps ... hope someone can point me in right direction.  

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               Okay - I found the "File Display Filter" option but have a new problem.

               The way the files are queued seems to determine what user name and passwords are allowed. The first file queued ... its user name and password determines which files that user gets to see. If the same user has a different password on another file, that file is not displayed. Correct? Thus I changed each user to the same unique password across multiple files. That allowed them to see all the files to which they have access.

               My biggest problem cropped up with the user name "Admin" which appears in all files using different passwords. For security reasons, the Admin name must differ on some files.

               I thought it would be as simple as changing the Admin name to "Admin2"

               But that didn't work. The file still wouldn't open with full user credentials. I then tried changing one of the recognized users (who had limited access) to full access, and then that user name wouldn't open the file either.

               Hope this makes sense.


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                 Okay - it has taken some time - but the problem was first that after I changed the "Admin" name to "Admin2," this triggered both file open and file navigation scripts to deny access, as they were set to recognize "Admin"  - I have a workaround but have to go in and change all the file open and file navigation scripts to recognize the new user name.

                 Apparently I don't need help.