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server trial questions

Question asked by njem on Dec 27, 2011
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server trial questions

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Trying FM Server. A few odd things and questions. I've left the admin console open until I've monitored it for a while and couple times I come back to the server and it says it's lost contact with the server or some such. Next time I'll write it down. I close it. Restart it, and it's okay.

Just now though I knew I had a db open on another system but the console shows no clients connected. Restarted console. Restarted the db on the workstation and made sure it was open/remote and finding the FM server. Still shows no clients open. Out of curiosity I tried sending a message to clients and the console gave me no error doing that but no message showed up at the workstation. I tried closing that db in the server to see if it would object that people had it open. I selected Close and clicked Perform Action but nothing happened. I tried closing the only workstation that had it open and closing the db again. Same thing, did nothing. 

I also have a question on startup. Can FM Server run as a service so if the server restarts, even if no one has logged on, FM server is running? Can it automatically open certain dbs so they're available?