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    Server upgrade problem



      Server upgrade problem

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      hi sir,

      I have a question about filemaker server upgrade. now I have FM pro 10 and FM server 10 on Windows PC.

      Two questions:

      1. If upgrade FM pro 10 to FM pro 11, is it nessessary upgrade FM server 10 to FM server 11?
      2. If I don't upgrade the FM server 10 to server 11, could I share FM pro 11 file on FM server 10?

      Thank you.

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          I installed 18 seats of Filemaker 11 and they where all hosted by our filemaker 10 advanced server until our tech support guy had an opportunity to finish the upgrade. Everything worked with Filemaker server 10. We had the maintenence agreement, which helped to offset the cost, and wanted the upgrade to Filemaker server 11 to take advantage of some of the improvements in speed and security.