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Server vs client for export/documents folder

Question asked by on Feb 11, 2012
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Server vs client for export/documents folder

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Filemaker help says you can only attach files that are in the folder Filemaker can export to. It even gives an example of Get(DocumentsFolder) to obtain the path.  THE PROBLEM IS...

If you run this calculation using a client you get something like.

filewin:/C/Users/MyServer/Documents/My File.pdf

If you run an export script (using a client) the file is correctly saved in this location.  If you then have the server run an SMTP email step including attaching the file, the email is sent but no file is attached.

If you use what the server says is the export folder it is like this.

filewin:/C/Program Files (x86)/Filemaker/Filemaker Server/Data/Documents/My File.pdf.

Trying to run a client to export to this location fails in spite of sharing permissions being set to allow it. 

What is the correct folder to use?  Do you use what the client reports the export folder is or the server?