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Server-side scheduled import not working

Question asked by julzerator on Aug 27, 2014


Server-side scheduled import not working

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I'm not sure why my script step on my server side scheduled script isn't importing the file I am pointing it at.

I have listed 3 different ways to get to the file:

filewin://[server name]/Nightly_Boat_Schedule/Production_Master_Brain.xlsx
filewin://[server ip address]/Nightly_Boat_Schedule/Production_Master_Brain.xlsx

The file resides on the server and is uploaded there every day.

Once per day I have it scheduled to import this file.

The import step of the script seems to not be working... but the rest of the script steps after are. And the server reports that the script is successfully run.

I am still really new to this so I must be missing something simple. What should I try next?