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    Server-What does it do? build forms?



      Server-What does it do? build forms?

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           HI...I am a designer who has never used fm 

           Can someone tell me, does the fm server have the ability to build forms?

           some kind of user interface that allows one to build forms?

           or you just build the forms w php mysql or what other languages?

           then you make the form interact w the server somehow

           thanks for reading this...and thinking.....you are very kind...

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          Markus Schneider

               Basically, one creates ALL database objects with FileMaker _Pro_ (or FileMaker Pro Advanced). Structure, functionality/functions, interface (forms, reports, listings - really everything. In FileMaker, 'layouts' are the thing to display the data, lets users enter/alter data,), etc.

               The server does just deliver data and all the structure to clients, controls transactions and does backups in the background. There are some actions that a server can perform (server-side scripts started via schedules, run scripts on server instead of clients during runtime,)

               Communication goes via 'FMNET' (FileMaker host to FileMaker clients) or via WebDirect, a brand new FileMaker method to involve web-clients (server needed; a FileMaker client can serve as host for fmnet as well (limited functionality, limited no of users)

               One can also create a webinterface and get FM data from a FM server via php

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                 Hi Markus,

                 Thanks so, so much for writing this up. Really appreciate!

                 I am trying to post a pic of what I mean, but just in case, here is the link:


                 The client wants these forms recreated on their site ( a different branch of the same company. This was programmed for a Netsuite system.) This new office has a Filemaker system which they want the data to flow into)

                 One can rebuild such a form in filemaker? with all the fields and the colors etc? or the colors need to be added w a Web Client such as Dreamweaver?

                 Or the form built can be exported / imported into Dreamweaver, for example?

                 BTW, any idea how long it would take someone to program a page like this in FM? Program meaning make it such that  the info comes back to the clients email, once it has made into a web page, however that can be accomplished.

                 The person has to pay, after filling out this form. That would be thru PayPal system. That does not need a special server. Would forms such as this have to be hosted on a dedicated computer hosting the FM Server software? Or any server would do?

                 Any light you can shead would be greatly apprecaited.