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    Session Expired - error message



      Session Expired - error message

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           System Environment : Windows 8.1 64bit, fresh install of FM Server

            After logging into admin console, "session expired - click here to continue" error message is displayed

           How do I stop session being terminated and making it impossible to use server.




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               Previously, when you were finished with the admin console, did you log out?

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                  I didn't log out.  This message is displayed because the system has logged me out itself.  I have since reconnected, disconnected manually before it forced ne off, logged in again - all to no avail.

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                   Thank you for the post.


                   I need some more information to determine why this is occurring. I remain connected to my FileMaker Server 13 Admin Console for hours at a time, even overnight. Some additional questions to assist us with narrowing this down:


                   1. What browser(s) are being used?

                   2. What specific action or actions trigger the error message? 

                   3. Does this happen immediately after logging into the Admin Console or after a period of time? Any other web browsing in other tabs or windows?

                   4. Since this is a "fresh install" is the server completely up to date, running FileMaker Server

                   5. Is any third party security or antivirus software installed?


                   Please note: Windows 8.1 is not a tested operating system for FileMaker Server 13. 


              System Requirements for FileMaker Server 13



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                      Hi TSFAlcon,

                     1. IE 11.096

                     2. None.  I open the admin console, and a few minutes later I am advised of the disconnection.

                     3. Not immediately, a few mins later

                     4. Server 13.0.1 - getting update now and will report back

                     5. Avast Anti Virus





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                        Can't get update from Link within Admin Console, as "There is a problem with this website’s security certificate."

                       Is there another link from which I can download the latest FM Server - otherwise stumped.

                       Downloads from Filemaker website only give option for Server trial, nothing else.

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                         Thank you for the reply.


                         Could you post a screenshot of the error? 


                         I tested the "Click here to go the FileMaker downloads page" link in a FileMaker Server 13.0v1 Admin Console and did not get an error.


                         The link directs to our update page here:




                         The knowledge base article with the download for the FileMaker Server 13.0v2 is located here:


                    Software Update: FileMaker Server 13.0v2


                         Lastly, what version of Java is installed?



                         FileMaker, Inc.

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                           Just to let you know I had the same problem. Turned out my AV programs 'Surf Protection' was causing the problem. Turning this off solved the problem for me.


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                             Thank you D. Atkan!  I've had this problem for years since Filemaker Server 11 came out but could never figure it out.  AVG Anti-Virus software has the Linkscanner Surf Shield protection under the web browser protection.  Disabling this did the trick.  Thanks so much.  I never had time to dig into the problem.  Sometimes I would get disconnected within 60 seconds of logging in.  I always thought the interface was buggy.  Shows what I know.  :(

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                          THANK YOU!!! I know this is an old thread but I can't thank you enough.  I had disabled this feature years ago and and it was re-enabled when our new server was set up (new AVG installed).  I couldn't remember what the solution was, so thanks.  *It was extremely annoying trying to quickly set up backups before I was disconnected.  It was also entertaining to watch me try to do it.  Thanks again!

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