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Setting up a domain name

Question asked by WayneMuelver on Apr 23, 2015
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Setting up a domain name

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I need to setup a domain name for my Filemaker server so that I can get an SSL certificate. 

The only trouble is, there doesn't seem to be any detailed instructions on how to do that. I own a domain name and have created a sub-domain for this purpose, but I don't know how to format the forwarding address to make the sub-domain reach the Filemaker Server.

Despite 2 days of searching, I have not found instructions on how to do this, so I have experimented with some ideas but that has not worked either. I entered my static IP address for my Filemaker server machine which is located in a data center. Then I went to the Filemaker server admin console and under the general server settings I entered the new subdomain as the server name. Then I waited a few hours and created a new favorite remote server in Filemaker pro on my home machine and entered the new sub-domain as it's location. Nothing. I have repeated this process a dozen times or more changing the address where the sub-domain is forwarded to anything I can think of. I have appended ":5003" to the IP address, I have appended ":16000" to it. I changed it from an IP address to the domain name that my colocation data center gave me that I use for screen sharing access to the server machine, I appended that with :16000 and :5003. Then I repeated all of those variations with the http:// and https:// options. Nothing.

Can anyone point me to detailed instructions on how to do this? Preferably instructions that explain everything in detail. every reference I have found to this process simply assumes that I would already know how to do it, and apparently that is not the case.