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Sharing for Dummies

Question asked by Nerico_1 on Jul 29, 2010
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Sharing for Dummies

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I'm sure that these questions have been asked before but I still can't glean all the details from reading several posts and I realize that's because I don't really understand what's different about the server edition.

My prior experience before I started to teach myself FileMaker was using Access as part of a team in the same office on a "shared drive".  Since we all had VPN access, we did not require anything that was shared thru the web.  I'm assuming that is the same thing as buying multiple stand alone licenses of FM, installing them on each team member's computer and then saving the Database file on the "share".  Is this true?  Meaning, under this scenario, we do not need a dedicated machine with the database open all the time, but rather, anyone can open and close it as need be.  If so, how many users can have it open simultaneously?

So, my server questions are... What additional benefits does the server version give me?  Would I even be able to use it in a "share" network drive environment?  or only on a dedicated web server?  Is it really overkill if most of the people will only be using the database in the office?  Is the only way to share to have a dedicated computer with the database always open?  And if so, how is that different from IWP? Would it offer me significant savings over multiple individual licenses of FM?