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Should We Put Server 11 on Our X-Serve?

Question asked by PaulCook on Sep 9, 2010
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Should We Put Server 11 on Our X-Serve?

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Does FileMaker Server 11 work OK on a machine that is doing some file sharing and is an Open Directory master?

We were going to put FileMaker 11 server on our X-Serve. But we are getting mixed messages as to if we should do that, or if it is even supported.

We noticed the following warning on on the "Before You Begin" pane of the installer dialog for FileMaker Server 11.

"Install FileMaker Server on a dedicated machine reserved for use as a database server. Do not use an email, print or network file server."

But page 11, of the The FileMaker Server Getting Started document is quite a bit more relaxed in its requirements. It doesn't explicitly prohibit any of the above, it just warns you that, "Other processor-intensive software or heavy network traffic on the same machine will cause FileMaker Server to run more slowly and degrade the performance…" 

This would seem to at best be an unclear situation. Did anyone else try this and how did it work?
Our X-Serve is a Xserve (Early 2008) Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5400 series processor, with RAID 5 drive configuration. Specifications here:


Thanks, the real concern was if there were some kind of incompatibility if those services were to be enabled.