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Simple "Find" not working on the server

Question asked by LuciaTedesco on Feb 6, 2012
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Simple "Find" not working on the server

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I have been having this problem on one of my database and it is driving me nuts. When I do a simple "Find" (value >0) on a calculated field on the database on the Filemaker server it gives me results that are different (and wrong) if I ran the same find on the same identical database on my computer.

Just to be clear, here what I do: I download a copy of the database from the server to my computer, nobody else is working on the database so I know that the two databases are identical. I ran the query "YTD >0" on both databases, on my computer I get 500+ records (right answer), on the server I get 78 records (wrong answer.)

If I go look into one of the records included in the results on my computer but not on the server, the value of YTD (that is a calculated value) is greater than zero, so I cannot figure out why it is not included in the results I get from the server.