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    Simple If question


      Simple If question

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      If I want a script to occur if a field is empty, then how do I go about this?

      I wrote this:

      If ( Type = "trade" ; Company ;  First Name & " " & Surname )

      The field is called 'Type'. If the word "Trade" is put in the field then I want the 'Company' field to show whatever name the user has entered for company. If there is nothing entered, then I want the first and surname entered automatically...

      Any ideas? I know the answer is a simple one but I jsut cant find where it explains this in my mssing manual book..

      thank you

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          Hi will rollo:

          Thanks for posting.

          You can use the following script steps to enter the first name and surname in the company field if the type field is blank.


          If [IsEmpty ( tablename::Type)]

          Set Field [ tablename::Company; tablename::FirstName & “ “ & tablename::Surname]

          End If


          This will check if type is empty, and if so sets the company field to the values in first name and surname.  Let me know if you need any further detail.



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            great - thank you. wil be posting more quesions so thank you for your patience and help!