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    Site Assistant code portable?



      Site Assistant code portable?

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      Hello, I've been playing around with FMP Site Assistant. I was wondering if the generated PHP code can execute if it is moved to an IIS server on the same network that is different from the server hosting the database? Thanks.

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          It sounds like you are interested in performing a multiple machine configuration.  In a multiple machine configuration, you have the database server on one server machine and the web publishing engine on another machine.   The web publishing engine accesses that second machine's web server (you could even have a configuration where the web publishing engine and web server reside on separate machines).  


          Note that in order to use the FileMaker data, FileMaker Server is required.  That is, you could not create a website using the PHP Site Assistant, for example, and then take that page to a server machine that is not configured for FileMaker Server.


          For more information, this try the FMS 10 getting started guide (Chapter 2):



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