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slow load in Mac browsers

Question asked by David_1 on May 20, 2011


slow load in Mac browsers

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I am running a Filemaker 11.03 Advanced Server on a Windows Server 2003 box.  I've created a database that we've used for a couple of years based on the Site Assistant code which I've tweaked considerably.  I've got about 20 different databases uses various CWP forms.

If someone comes to the site on a windows based box everything loads very quickly without regard to the browser.  I've tested it on numerous machines running Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE, etc. - no problems.

If a mac user comes to the site the regular php code loads very quickly, however the forms often take 30-45 seconds and often time out.

I've tested this by stripping out all of the form related code and it works well.  As soon as I add a single field (i.e. FirstName) it slows to a crawl.

I've been working on this for several days and can't find a cause or any reference to similar problems.  I'm looking for some help.