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Slow Server... Sorta, but Not Really

Question asked by j.hall on Mar 6, 2015
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Slow Server... Sorta, but Not Really

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I'm leaning toward this not being an actual filemaker issue, but until I can confirm that and point to what needs to be changed, I have to stay on it.

2 Things I'm having issues with.

1) If you go to File -> Open Remote then click on the server, it takes a LONG time (20 seconds or more) for it to pull up the list of databases available. (It wasn't doing this before) However, if you just go to Open Recent and pick the database it fires right up and takes almost no time at all.

2) The Admin Console is STUPID SLOW. I was trying got modify the schedule last night and it was taking FOREVER for it just to load the next step in the process. I just clicked on "Schedules" and it went Yellow then Red and now it sits there for more than a minute before it pulls up the page. I'm on the same switch as the server, there are only about 50 people connected to it. It's not slow has 32GB of RAM in it and the only thing this server is doing is running IIS and Filemaker Server (IIS is for Filemaker, not for any other websites or anything) 

I can't figure out what's hanging it up. Any Suggestions on where to poke at it to find it's soft spot would be helpful.