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    Slowness with high request volumes



      Slowness with high request volumes

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      We run a 26gb database on FileMaker Server 11 in a company of over 300 people. We sometimes have over 200 clients connected to the server. We occasionally have the entire system grind to a halt, and at these times, the Client Statistics tab in the Admin Console shows requests piled up from about 50 users, and most/all of them have Wait Times of 15-20 seconds. I've been telling people that I suspect the problem to be related to threading: when too many users are making too many requests, the server spends so much time and resources rotating between all of those requests that it hardly has any time to actually fulfill them. Can anyone corroborate this theory? Does anyone else have trouble with high user or high request volume?


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          I'd also look at what kind of things those users are doing. With even a much smaller userbase, querying your 26GB database with criteria entered into unstored or unindexed fields can quickly bring the system to it's knees. The same is true for sorts on such fields. And once you quick one of these off, the user can't really kill it off short of force quitting filemaker on their machine.