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Small User Group Connectivity

Question asked by ToddHayen on May 19, 2015


Small User Group Connectivity

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Hi...this may have been answered before so I'm sorry to repeat...I am new to FM 14, creating a solution which will only be used by two users in an office setting. I have bought FM 14 Pro, and FM 14 Pro Advanced, each installed on each users Mac. I would like each user to be able to use one database in the office, as well as with iPads (FM Go). I understand I can set this up without FM Server, or a 5 pack connection license...however, I would also like to be able to connect to this database with computers not in the office...i.e., a laptop, or another desktop (remember the purchased software are on computers at the office, so is the database.) How can I do with without buying Server or the 5 user connection license? One of the FM Pros is in a portable laptop, the other is in a desktop computer. Can I buy FM Server and another copy of FM Pro to install in another laptop to connect with FM Server? I do NOT need remote access for FM Go...I will not be using the iPads outside of the LAN at the office....


Todd Hayen