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    Smtp mail



      Smtp mail

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      Using FMS13. Several buttons with script to send email via our own mailserver.

      Works OK with FM13 within our LAN and when accessed via WebDirect from within or outside our LAN. When used from outside the LAN with FM13 of Filemaker Go: always the same error: the connection was refused by the smtp server.

      Anyone any ideas ?

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          Rudi Horemans:


          Thank you for the post.


          Some additional questions to assist us with narrowing this down:


          1. Where is the SMTP mail server located? 

          2. Is the mail server on the same LAN as the working machines?

          3. Is this the exact same script being run from Go and from WebDirect? 

          4. How is the script being triggered? 



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            1. & 2. Same network, same physical location
            3. & 4. Yes: same script for FileMaker, Go and WebDirect: clickable button = script "send mail" (nothing else)


            Rudi H.

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              Rudi Horemans:


              Thank you for the reply.


              Is this a File > Open Remote connection to the database or a VPN connection to the network?


              If on the remote client, you setup the local mail client with the same mail settings from the working local mail client on the other network, does this work?


              This test will let us know if the STMP settings are correct or if the mail server is blocking external connections. If this doesn’t work, review the mail server settings and check the DNS settings as well. 


              If this works, then try a brand new database file with a new script to rule out corruption. Also, check for third party plugins or other third party security or antivirus software on the external machine.



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                Thank you for your follow-up. Connection was File > open remote. VPN connection was faultless, logical because we were already within the LAN. All mail and DNS settings worked fine.

                Tried the following: changed the SMTP settings in the "send mail" script to port 465 and SSL encryption.

                And all works fine from within and from outside the LAN. Strangely I could not find an explanation or warning in the documentation. Sometimes manuals take too easily things for granted and its authors forget that not everyone started out with FileMaker version 1, but only joined (much) later. However, problem solved.

                Rudi Horemans




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                  It took a long time to find the responsible failure. It turned out hat at the client's side the firewall blocked all trafic through this port.