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SMTP Mail Script.

Question asked by jabond on Jun 12, 2009
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SMTP Mail Script.

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Hi.  I have a question regarding the setup of an SMTP email from the server...


I'm using FM Server 10.  The database is hosted on that server and I created a mail script to loop through all records and when the days remaining = 15, it should send an email via SMTP. 


I created the script and tested it on the database using the client side email, and it worked fine.  Made the changes to the SMTP settings and tried running it from the server and no email was sent.  the SMTP settings are the same as setup in the server for notification emails.


To clarify, I created a scheduled task on the server to run the script once a day at a certain time.  The status says OK from the admin console.


Am I doing this correctly?  Does this require a system level script?  If so, can anyone give me an example of a system level script that will send SMTP email.